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Data Center Servers

Custom Air Filters for Data Centers and Equipment

Air filters for data centers and equipment are essential components for optimal performance and protection. Air filters are part of the data center’s HVAC system. Likewise they can also be a component of equipment like rack server cabinets and enclosures.

Data centers generate a significant amount of heat. Clean air helps maintain proper cooling. Air filters help remove dust, particulate matter, and other airborne pollutants that can restrict airflow and cause overheating. As a result overheating can lead to equipment failure and maintenance downtime.

Optimal performing data center systems also lead to less energy use and cost. Proper system designs and preventative maintenance increases system efficiency. Therefore, efficient systems require less energy to operate.

Consequently, without clean-filtered air, particulate matter may build up directly on sensitive electronic components. These pollutants can negatively affect electrical conductivity and disrupt signal transmission. This is why some data center equipment like server cabinets and enclosures are built with individual air filtration systems.

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Based on our experience, air filters seem to be one of the last components designed for data center equipment, but they are crucial for optimal equipment performance.

Types of Data Centers

According to Data Center Frontier, there are 5 common types of data center facilities.

  1. Enterprise: a private data center facility that supports a single organization.
  2. Multi-Tenant / Colocation: organizations lease space and equipment from these centers.
  3. Hyperscale: may have up to 5,000 servers and 500 cabinets.
  4. Edge / Micro: smaller centers built so computing happens closer to the actual data.
  5. Container / Modular: used on construction sites or in disaster areas.

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Each of these types of data center facilities may have unique air filtration needs given the geographical location, ambient environment and the amount and type of data center equipment.

Why the Need for Data Centers is Growing

Demand for data centers are growing significantly for several reasons. First on the list is AI (Artificial or Augmented Intelligence). AI was first used in the tech industry, but now many industries including financial, healthcare, and industrial are developing and using AI.

Additionally, the growth of cloud computing where organizations pay for off-site and on-demand computing services and data storage is increasing the need.

Likewise, the continued growth in digitization around the world is also leading to increased demand.

Geographical Locations of Data Centers

Data centers are located around the world with the USA, Germany, and the UK having the most. The USA has the most centers by a large margin.

In the USA, the states of California, Texas, and Virginia lead the way. Most states have data centers.

As a matter of fact, Google has a large data center near us. The center is located between Pryor Creek and Chouteau, Oklahoma.

Air filters for data centers and equipment are critical components for optimal performance and protection.

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