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Custom Air Filters for Data Centers

Custom Air Filters for Data Centers and Equipment Air filters for data centers and equipment are essential components for optimal performance and protection. Air filters are part of the data center’s HVAC system. Likewise they can also be a component of equipment like rack server cabinets and enclosures. Data centers generate a significant amount of […]

Why Some Countries Have More Indoor Air Pollution

The burning of solid fuels for cooking, increased industrialization, and the lack of air conditioning are three reasons why some countries have more indoor air pollution than other countries. Low-to-middle-income countries are most affected by air pollution. Countries like Somalia and India have relatively high death rates due to air pollution, while countries like the […]

How the Weather Affects Air Quality

Living in Oklahoma, we were curious about how the weather affects air quality. This state experiences some extreme weather conditions, such as tornadoes, rain, and wind during springtime, while during summer, extreme heat, humidity, and drought. In contrast, the winters bring with them bone-chilling cold, wind, ice, and snow. How Air Quality is Measured Air […]

Custom Activated Carbon Air Filters Captures Odors and Gases

ACI Manufacturing makes custom activated carbon air filters to capture odors, gases and VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). Sometimes activated carbon is used as a pre-filter to other materials that filter out pollutants like dust. How Activated Carbon Air Filters Work Activated carbon air filters adsorb the odors and gases. Adsorption means the molecules of the […]

Electrostatic Air Filters Can Reduce Particulate Matter in the Home and Workplace

Particulate matter is a large part of overall air pollution. Particles such as dirt, dust, pet dander, smoke and soot are included. Using air filters to reduce particulate matter from the air can help with breathing, allergies and asthma. Effects of Particle Matter Pollution According to the American Lung Association, particle pollution can increase the […]

Custom OEM Air Filter Manufacturer Centrally Located in the USA

ACI Manufacturing has been producing quality custom air filters for OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) and industrial customers since 1984. We are centrally located in Claremore, OK, USA. We manufacture sewn and fabricated air filters according to your unique design. Order Quantities Whether your order quantity is 5 or 5000, your order is important to us. […]

Are You Curious About How an Electrostatic Air Filter Works?

An electrostatic air filter works by using air filter material (aka media) that produces static electricity that is created when air and particles flow to and rub the media. This static electricity “charges” the particles and makes them stick to the air filter media. In this way, an electrostatic air filter works like a magnet. […]